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ETHNOSTEP # 9 – new Release!

Ethnostep 9 Artwork
today we publish the 9th compilation of Ethnostep from Subbass Netlabel, a fusion of trance, bass, tribal, dubstep etc.,
lots of great ethno-dub tunes from all over the globe, both contemplative and dancing, traditional and futuristic.
This compilation brings together artists from all over the world: Beatfarmer, Jorro, Thousand Yard Prayer, SPCZ, LM3Allem, Flextronic, Kamarius, Tikki Masala, Cardamohm, Psychoz, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Ben I Sabah, Labaz, Martyn Zij (hope I mentioned them all)
What is remarkable, the musicians do not pursue any commercial interests with this project. It is their interest to spread this beautiful vibration to this world in which we all live together.
Free to download, but please consider supporting us with a donation:

On the occasion of the 4th international netlabel days we release another compilation of our well-known Ethnostep series.
Originally created many years ago out of the fusion of deep dubstep and world music, we would like to mention here that the name actually only serves the form and is not a dogma. our interest is an open-minded world music with electronic beats and a child needs a name…so put aside your drawer thinking and enjoy the flow… :) we have put together some interesting pieces for this release whose style is quite different in detail. in times of streaming services with artificial inteligences, which create a perfectly matching playlist for you in seconds, the attention of the handcrafted selector has changed. the times, in which i created the perfectly fitting playlist for hours in the evenings, days and weeks, are over, when the AI can get it for you in seconds. rather, my attention is focused on the unexpected, the unknown, also on the bulky, which is stimulating when you get involved with it. keep your mind open and enjoy our Ethnostep Compilation #9

Dance to the rhythms and make the world a better place!

On July 14 is the International Netlabel Day
We believe that musical revolution supported by our beloved Internet is over.We know that you listen to a lot of music, but you don‘t buy albums in a physical record store, and it’s quite probable that your city doesn‘t even have one. You probably download music on iTunes or any other music service. You probably are an active user of Spotify or Pandora, but where did you get your musical library? As we said, the musical revolution supported by Internet is over, because this revolution is now the present of the music. The „Major labels“ still doesn‘t get it, that’s why „Record Store Day is dying“ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) so we are offering you an alternative way to consume more and better music. Forget about the well-known artists… The Netlabel Day is a space made by truly independent artists and labels for all the people who listens and supports independent art movements. Finally, a little question, which is the main engine of all this: What if media (or music indie journalists), record stores and also record labels begin to support to the independent musicians and artists once again, just as the 80’s and 90’s? In a real way, not just trying to sell some more albums (unnecessary hype), collecting clicks to their articles or supporting their friends‘ bands.
Give the first kick for this is the challenge. Our challenge.

Please visit us to explore:
released 14 July 2019
licenced under creative commons by-nc-nd 4.0


Subbass Netlabel published the new album by SPCZ

The artist SPCZ („Speciez“) presents his interpretation of the term Ethnostep on his new album; deep & dark dubstep mixed with worldmusic; oriental, tribal or indian elements, heavy bass and space. the compilation brings together some songs already released on compilations and some unreleased songs to a conclusive conceptual album. A musical elixir to stimulant the seduction of senses of cosmopolitan and open minded individuals.
All our music is free downloadable and licensed under CreativeCommons Licenses, please consider supporting us with a donation. Your kind contribution will help us pay for costs and to keep music free!

new remix of SPCZ – Amal by El-M3allem

Here is a brand new remix from SPCZ – Amal created by EDM Producer El-M3allem

we have shut down the embedded version, cause of autoplay disfunction ;)

The original version you can find here;


Subbass Netlabel presents the new Ethnostep release
featuring Bill Laswell, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Cardamohm, Tikki Masala, Psychoz, Dr Lum, Ben I Sabbah , Argyria, Molfarsky, SPCZ…

This compilation brings together artists from all over the world -
Grooves `n` Vibes whose roots are found particulary in electronic Bass and World music.
Making music is the most primeval form of human expression. Imbued with a mystical power to communicate at an instinctual level that transcendends language and speaks directly to the soul.
All artists follow a vision and live their dream with the realization of their music that unites us.
Moreover, we do not pursue any commercial interests with this project. It is our interest to spread this beautiful music to this world in which we all live together. – Dance to the rhythms and make the world a better place!

SUBBASS proudly presents & welcomes BILL LASWELL to be part of the new ETHNOSTEP release.
special thanks and deep respect to Bill Laswell (and Yoko Yamabe) for the exclusive offering, to use two ‘all time classics’ from bill laswell’s huge output, on this 8th release of the Ethnostep series.

‘Black Lotus’, recorded with an immense all-star line up, containing the mystic voices of Sussan Deyhim and Gulam Mohammed Khan, it might be one of the best examples for the ‚perfect’ blend of ethnic tradition, dub and jazz. Definitely a milestone in world music.
( ‘Sacred System – Nagual Site‘)

‘Quantum Echo’, by Bill’s recent formation ‘Method of Defiance’, a beautiful tune in classic dub style. featuring a late appearance of the unforgettable and undisputed hero of the hammond organ, Mr Bernie Worrell

if you like, please support Bill Laswell, to keep his orange music studio:

released July 14, 2018

Please visit us to explore:

released 14 July 2018
licenced under creative commons by-nc-nd 4.0

New SPCZ E.P. Trrimurti

Subbass Netlabel presents to Xmas the latest E.P. by SPCZ – Trimurti: