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Enhanced Subbass Netlabel Profile @ The Cerebral Rift


Listen to the The CerebralRift’s special podcast about Subbass Netlabel for the Netlabel Day 2015 here!

Be sure to check out the enhanced version of this show on The CerebralRift.

The posting on The CerebralRift includes:

Additional tunes from the Subbass catalog
including tracks from: Bassrael, Ben I Sabbah, Calma Dub, Dj Danel, Hi Towa, Thousand Yard Prayer, and many others
Links to all the music played on this show
Links to the references used in preparing the profile of Subbass
Links to the Subbass website, and social media sites
A printed version of the profile
And an exclusive printed interview with Subbass founder SPCZ