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Conscious Kalling – New Awakening Remixes


Every once in a while, a track goes places you never expect, and thats the story of New Awakening. A very early track from the beginnings of the Conscious Kalling project, New Awakening was originally written for a vocalist, and then haphazardly posted to soundcloud when the vocalist dropped off the project. The track was destined to go places CK never imagined. Soon after posting, New Awakening was picked up by Subbass as part of their Ethnostep Vol 4 compilation. In a very short period, CK received several spontaneous requests to remix the track, and was inspired to take it further. Now, almost two years after the original release, Subbass and Conscious Kalling have curated a collection of outstanding remixes by 10 up and coming producers from across the globe.

Perhaps due to it’s strong world influence and use of real instruments over deep synthesized bass lines, New Awakening remains once of the most played track’s in CK’s discography. We‘re excited to see how far the track will go now, as these 10 producers you need to know breath even more momentum into it.
released 25 July 2014

Subbass 2014
Creative Commons 3.0