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The new EP from Hamburgs producer and DJ HI TOWA
comes with two deep dubstep tracks – Get In Tune!

1. Miditation 08:33
2. 20Hz 05:52

released 25 October 2013



Subbass on the current Compilation goes back to the roots and resets the focus clearly on DUB Music!
15 Artists from around the world – each contribute a song to this work! – Free to download, but please consider supporting us with a donation. Enjoy the DUB!

1. Illegal State Of Mind – Pulse 03:37
Dub project from Poland (Jakub Krysakowski)

2.Lunetic -Downtime Dub 03:42
DJ & Producer from Konstanz, Germany

3.Dub Size – Mirage 04:19
Euskal Herria, France

4.Mettakin – Sarasvatis Dub 05:41
Electronic, Psychedelic and Roots Music Artist

5.Jeveman&M.organD feat Judub and WarriorCharge crew – Rebels Of Babylon (DubVersion) 03:28
Classical educated Bass Player Jeveman`s side project from Padova, Italy

6.Zion I Dubucation – Jah Wind 05:29
conscious Roots/Dub/Steppas/Dubstep from Berlin, Germany

7.Spcz – Ghost Dub 03:50
DJ & Producer from Heidelberg, Germany

8.Ekssperimental Sounds – Heatingsun 03:51
Producing riddims and dubs for the heavy weight sound system scene from Stockholm, Sweden

9.Rocker`s Dub – King Dub 03:18
Dub Militant at the Vanguard… Inna Warrior Style – from Mexico!

10.DR LUM – More Lum in Dub 07:58
Dr Lum is a projekt by Frank O-B rom {musicfarm studio, bkk} and Ben I Sabbah {priknamplaa studios / umBum audio, sh}

11.Step High-The Yellow Tree 06:23
Psychedelic Dub (PSYDUB) from France

12.Hyah Muzika – Diaspora Riddim 05:44
Celtic beats & Free Hip-hop/Reggae/Dub instrumentals
from Bretagne, France

13.The Shaman Monkey – Prototape 04:55
Marco Ippoliti from Albano laziale, Italy

14.Zeb Machine – AngelsDub 03:48
Experimental/Dub, Metal from Toulouse,France

15.OY Sound System -Amnezia sound 5 06:02
A band from Kyiv, Ukraine: Worldmusic, Abmient, IDM, Bass…

released 04 October 2013
licenced under creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0
Subbass 2013
Peace & Love!

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