Chip Tronic is producing Electronic Music since 1999 and founded two musiclabels: Bombtrap and Stonedwave.Both labels have a focus on finding creative artists and releasing records which are timeless. His music is focused on transfering an intense mood. Chip Tronic improved the arrangements and his sound design and composition skills. One can see this listening through all the albums of the past he released. He has releases on different labels like le galassie di seyfert, kugk musique and others. Finally all the various styles – techno, pure drum and bass, acid, dubstep, idm are put into one melting pot. While there have been many releases in the digital format during the past years and will be – like this ep for example – these releases can be thought of as introduction to a forthcoming release flood on vinyl again. The story is not over. It just has begun.

1. Neural Impulses 04:27
„neural impulses“ was written using the axon neuronal sequencer instrument by audio damage. this was the basis. Then the idea was to write a song which makes you feel relaxed but also motivated to do something ; since music is magic this is possible indeed

2. Colorbound 05:17
„colorbound“ has in mind the feeling when it is getting spring and the snow is being melt by the sun while flowers are popping up on top of the ground

3. Tunnel (reEdit) 05:17
„tunnel“ was written having in mind the scene on the rooftop in the movie bladerunner ( these moments will be lost like tears in the rain )

4. Between Grey and Pink is Blue 03:14
„between grey and blue is pink“ was written after reading a novel by tad williams about a parallel world which is inhabitatet by elves.

5. Emotion is always rather unperfect 05:17
„emotion is always rather unperfect“ is about NOT focusing on perfect sound design and composition but just expression of the sound itself. moreover it was written after new years eve which might explain the rather sad mood varying with a little bit of more „fire“ .

released 15 February 2013
Music by Gideon Lenz
Picture by Beni Fuchs
Subbass 2013

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