Arkeyetexture – Dubious E.P.


1.body of an angel (dub tech) 05:19
2.cascade 11:45
3.Dubious 05:00
4.gruis SQ4 07:20

Arkeyetexture is the project of Justin Belt (Detroit) and it`s my duty to expose you to his fantastic, rich and full ‘Exploratory Experimental Electronic Dub Centered Music‘. His interest in music took shape in his teens, playing the bass in a few local bands till his ‘electronic side’ started to surface about 10 years ago. He started out with Fruity Loops and progressed on to Arturia Storm, Reason and currently works almost exclusively in Ableton. Over the years he has developed a style of controllerism production and most of his work is done in real time flow. Each track is a series of experiments that almost certainly end up in a sonically pleasing track. “Its all kind of a therapy or meditation for me, a escape from my real life of work, sleep, kids, work, sleep, kids, repeat. I only just recently started posting/sharing my music with the public” he says.. Well I`m thanking my lucky stars that he did – such great talent should NEVER go to waste, MUST be heard and HAS TO evolve”(Panther Lab Music, PLB Music Independent Music & Artists)

released 08 February 2013
File under: Ambient / Dub Techno
Subbass 2013

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