The tag team Orson and Hops is in town to bring you a piece of heavy (and we mean HEAVY) bass! Be sure to check out their basslines and get a taste of the Berlin flavor!

orson hops

ORSON (Version/Düsseldorf)
ORSON is founder of the famous party series VERSION and the well known label under the same name. His parties are the ones where Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Skream, Sgt Pokes, Kode9 and Quest played for the first time ever in Germany.As a DJ he played on events such as the legendary DMZ nights and the Xmas Party of the highly worshipped Big Apple Record Shop in London, UK and DUB WAR in New York, USA. His sets contain loads of unreleased dubplates from all the kingpins of the business and are excellently mixed. As a producer he released his tunes on his already mentioned label. He has also been featured by Benny Ill for the opener of the latest Horsepower LP “Quest for the Sonic Bounty” which has been released on the mighty TEMPA Recordings. Listen to ORSON here:


HOPS (Hardwax)
Long term stalwart of all variants of bass music, Hops has been steering his own course in the lesser known waters of quality Reggae and Dancehall since before the turn of the 21st century. His extensive collection of old favourites, obscure gems and downright dancefloor slayers have excitedmany a crowd where he has held dances. As co-runner and resident DJ of the well-respected Version nights in Berlin, his sets reflect the quality and variety of the Hardwax record shop where he is employed. Hops selects only the choicest cuts of Jungle, Chicago and Detroit traditions on to earth-shattering dubwise for the people. Quality and innovation is the ruling force, regardless of mainstream vogues and vagaries. Whilst being known for his on point mixing skills, let it not be thought that Hops is simply a competent journeyman. Setting the risk factor at a high level from the off, he was a champion of the sounds of dubstep and grime back when the two words were interchangeable and „wobble“ and „half step“ were still unknown terms. On his way, having shared the bill with all the big players in the dubstep game, he has killed many a dibby-dibbys with pure devastating bass lines and rhythmic invention.

Norris Norisk ist seit über 5 Jahren regelmäßig an Heidelberger Turntables zu sichten. Dubstep erkennt er als Facettenreiches Genre, welches von ihm mit Leidenschaft durchforstet wird. Entdeckungen und Trophäen werden dabei auf Heidelbergs monatlicher Dubstep-Reihe TIEFDRUCK präsentiert.

Second Floor: (Purple Room)

    SUBBASSTARDS – Chamber ob Wobblizm
    Music is not fixed for eternity, it changes, develops and unfolds.
    SUBBASSTARDS presents you hybrids, which are developed around dubstep.
    whatever you want to classify it, whether Filth, Core, Bro, Glitch, Drum Step ….
    Look forward to fat sound!

    Subbass – Netlabelbetreiber und Resident bei Tiefdruck.

    Freitag, 02.09.11 ab 23:00
    KLUB K – Karlstorbahnhof – Heidelberg

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