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AADVARK, Tiefdruck, Heidelberg,Subbass ,Dubstep

Main Floor:
AARDVARCK (Eat Concrete, Netherlands)
HEADLOCK (aka Boogie, MA)

AARDVARCK (Eat Concrete, Netherlands)

Over the years Aardvarck (Mike Kivits) has built up a solid reputation of uncompromising quality and versatility in the dutch dance scene, both underground and above. From Hip Hop, Disco and New Wave in the early 80′s upto the present he’s been one of the front runners in all major dance styles, but never following the main stream. After his first release (12”) on Djax Records in 1993 he had his fair share of releases on labels such as: Rush Hour, Kindred Spirits, Delsin, Beat Dimensions and Bloom. His Pigstyle EP, Bloom 1, 2, 3 and 4 and a mix CD on LA based label Mochilla have found him aligned with beat makers like Mark Pritchard, Dorian Concept, Dimlite, Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Ras G and Gaslamp Killer.

Aardvarck has already torn off the roofs of every single major night club and festival in the country such as Melkweg, Paradiso, Effenaar, Club 11, Lowlands and North Sea Jazz Festival.
His Cult Copy releases have brought him pretty much all over the globe.
From Japan to Cuba and Australia, from Detroit Electronic Music Festival to Gilles Peterson’s World Awards and all the bigger venues in Europe like Panoramabar and Tape in Berlin, Leopold Museum in Vienna, Patchwork in Bern and Batofar in Paris to name a few. No, Aardvarck hasn’t been a stranger to this world.

Dimlite: Aardvarck is, an actual living legend. But really! A truly humble genious, fueled by nothing much but his love for the music. Which can’t cloud the fact he’s the boldest, most barefaced madman I know. If you need to get rid of any sort of conventions: call Aardvarck and he will skillfully smash them to pieces while at the same time making sense.

2nd Floor: (Purple Room)

SPECIEZ (Subbass)
Z-Man (Therapy Sessions)
M-BLAIN (Subbass)
CHIPTRONIC (Stonedwave)


Freitag, 06.05.11 ab 23:59
KLUB K – Karlstorbahnhof – Heidelberg

Nachttanzdemo Heidelberg 16.04 – 18:00 h

Aufruf zur Nachttanzdemo am 16.04.2011 in Heidelberg. Beginn 18:00 Uhr.

Ist es etwa der finale Siegeszug eines dekadenten Hedonismus, wenn wir zum Tanzen aufrufen, obwohl es nichts zu feiern gibt? Wo jeder vernünftige Mensch nicht tanzen, sondern zum Bau der Barrikaden anstiften würde? Wir haben es satt. Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan einer kaputten Gesellschaft ist Ausdruckstanz unseres Widerstands. Wir tanzen mit unserer Wut gegen unseren Frust. Wir entfesseln unsere Lust gegen die staubtrockene Wüste der Ignoranz.
Unsere tanzenden, schwitzenden Leiber sind unser Statement gegen die Enge des langweilig mörderischen Spießbürgerdenkens. Mit stampfenden Bässen und elektrisierenden Sounds erobern wir den öffentlichen Raum zurück. Nehmen wir uns, was uns sowieso schon zusteht!

Kommt am 16.04.11 zur Nachttanzdemo nach Heidelberg und tanzt für die freie Welt von morgen.