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Subbass 2 – More Krautdubs


Subbass 2 – More Krautdubs

This is the follow up to the highly appreciated first release of the compilation series issued by the Subbass label. Started recently with the “Subbass – Dubstep Made in Germany” issue the second release just lines up straight to that.
Again is tried to give an insight to the contemporary production standards concerning heavy bass music in Germany. The amazing and vast diversity of styles should convince the listener to see “Dubstep” as a phenomenon not only impacting in full effect inthe UK, but runs rampant global. Heavy Bass Music is rooting down internationally and by that breeding a new reception of dancefloor-music and music in general.
Subbass 2 – More Krautdubs gathers again producers from all around Germany. Featured are good old friends from the last volume as well as some newcomers to the series. As always this issue can`t and don`t want to set the claim to represent the German dubstep scene in general and entirely. But it wants to show that there is a growing mass of people for which the production of tunes is a big part of their passion in supporting the continuous emergence and establishing of sustaining structures for low frequency music.
Subbass saves!

1 Bassrael – Reibach
2 Meier und Erdmann – Nosferatu Metropolitain
3 Dublic Enemy- Unkenruf
4 Rainerkot- Bassline
5 Tourette – Night Flight
6 Dexter Dub – Undead
7 Bassador – Future Skank
8 artLess – aFrikan
9 Pinju – Disco Dancer
10 Chiptronic – Tiefdruckerei
11 Speciez – The Call
12 Remorph – Zoom
13 Gruenkern – Heard
14 Pasch – Broken Chair
15 A Flipping Budjunky – Analog Mystic
16 Desmond Denker- Selfeating Powerstrukture

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SUBBASS part 1:

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Tiefdruck Xmas Wobble Special

Samstag,25. Dezember 2010 ab 23:00

Alle Jahre wieder erklingen die gleichen seichten Weihnachtslieder…WTF????
Weihnachten? Kein Grund, daheim zu bleiben und Trübsal zu blasen!
TIEFDRUCK – Heidelbergs monatliche Dubstep Party im Klub K präsentiert Euch:

The Tiefdruck Chainsaw Massacre – XMAS WOBBLE SPECIAL
faster, louder, harder! – dafür garantieren:

aka Smash & Stone

JERSCH2000 (Lautstark/MA)


SPECIEZ (Subbass,Tiefdruck/HD)

videoanimationen by M – Blain
Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010
Einlass 23.00 Uhr
Eintritt Nur AK 6 €
KLUB K – Karlstorbahnhof – Heidelberg