SIGHA: Hotflush Podcast 02


Sigha, pronounced ’sigh-er,‘ is one of those names you look forward to seeing cropping up on any retailer’s newsletter or radio playlists. With a 12” release on the Bristol based Immerse Records and three to date on Scuba’s subsidiary imprint, Hotflush Two, the London based producer has crafted a heavily stylistic blend of nocturnal dub techno; a sound that eschews any obvious four four traits bar the pulsing kick drums.

His work on tracks like ‘Bruised’ displays an echo laden percussion technique that sits atop his perfectly harnessed vividness of low end frequencies. Managing to sound warm and engulfing despite the grayscale components Sigha injects little flourishes of sound into his tracks that drive through the mix, whether it’s the woodblock snap on ‘On The Strip’ or the tortured screech and conga rolls on ‘Expansions’ – its endlessly impressive.

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